Porto Airport Taxi
Porto Airport Taxi
Porto Airport Taxi

Porto Airport Taxi

Top Tips For Using Taxis From Porto Airport Francisco Sa Carneiro

If you want a more direct way to get where you want to go on a strict time frame, then a taxi might be the best option for you. Taxis are the preferred choice among many tourists because you can go anywhere you want to go and it’s easier because you don’t have to learn arrival and departure schedules like you otherwise would with buses or public trains. There are a variety of taxi companies that are avaialble at the Porto airport and many of them are usually located right outside of the terminal building. Taxis are generally slightly more expensive than the public buses that are available.

The trip from the airport to the city by taxi takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes. There are plenty of taxis from different companies located right outside the arrivals area of the airport. Other transport means such as the buses do not operate around the clock and hence a taxi is the right choice if your flight is scheduled to arrive late in the night or very early in the morning. You will definitely need a taxi especially if you have much luggage.

The cost of the outward trip from Porto Airport to the city is usually between 20 to 30 Euros. Most taxis here are metered and therefore haggling over the cost is really not an available option. You should note that the rates go up by 20% in the evening hours, as from 2100hrs to 0600hrs, and these changes are automatically reflected by the taxi meter. The surcharges also apply to weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday and the public holidays. There are some companies from which you can negotiate a good rate for a familiarization trip around the city though.

You will be pleased to know that most taxi drivers here have a good command of the English language plus they are friendly and helpful. With several renowned taxi companies such as Greenbus, Algaserra, Suntransfers.com, Holiday Taxis and Transcor, among others, you certainly have a wide variety to choose from. Should you be planning to visit the wineries it is necessary to take a cab to-and-from these locations because the bus routes do not cover those areas.

You can pre-book taxis online or over the phone or hail a cab once you arrive at the airport and decide where you need to go. There are plenty of English-speaking taxi drivers to make your transit as easy as possible.

Many of the taxi drivers will also be able to give you valuable information about the area and what things there are to do as well as areas you should go see or avoid. If you find the taxi fare to be unsuitable for your needs, you could always try to negotiate a lower fare. Many taxi drivers are also available for hire to give you a guided tour of the area. Many of the wineries in the area are far outside the paths of public buses and trains, so taxis come in handy if you are going to be visiting the wineries in the area as well.

Porto airport taxis are available and can be hailed from the taxi rank in front of the terminal.

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(average charge – all included) From Porto Airport.

TAXI From The Airport to:DAY TIME
(05:00 – 24:00)
(00:00 – 05:00)
Approximate Duration
Port Leixoes – Cruise Terminal24 €27 €20 min
Guimaraes57 €62 €38 min
Braga58 €64 €40 min
Viana do Castelo66 €73 €45 min
Povoa de varzim31 €34 €22 min

Porto Airport Taxi FAQ

If you are visiting Porto and are interested in taking a taxi into the city after you land at the airport and pick up your bags, the good news is that it is easy to find several options for rides. Check out the FAQ below to learn all the information that you will need so that you can plan ahead for simple and easy journeys between the airport and Porto during your visit.

No, the price that you see for the average cost of a taxi ride from Porto Airport to the city is per vehicle and not per person. So regardless of how many people are in your group up to and including eight people, you will only pay one fare of about €23

If you have four people or less in your group and can fit in one sedan, you will only be charged the €23 per vehicle. The same applies if you have eight people or less and can fit in one minivan, in this instance you will only have to pay for one vehicle and not per person.

However, if your group requires two vehicles -- for example there are five members in the group so one has to take their own sedan -- you'll pay for those two cars.

After you have landed and collected your bags, simply look for the signs inside the airport directing you to the taxi waiting area on the ground floor of the main terminal building.

The precise time it takes to get from Porto Airport to the city’s center will depend on the time of day you are traveling, because traffic can get busier or lighter at certain times.

However, typically you can expect the ride to take 20 minutes from door to door, although it could take more time if you are staying at accommodations further away.

Yes, Uber is allowed to operate at Porto Airport. If you’re interested in using this option, follow the signs to the designated rideshare waiting area outside and open your Uber app. From there you can enter your destination and see your options for traveling by Uber.

Yes, you can use the Porto Metro which is a light railway network that becomes an underground train service within the city. The journey time is about 25 minutes to get from the airport to Port, and you can expect to pay a much lower fare of €2.45 for this option.